Welcome to PatchWork
poetry for the whole family

poetry for the whole family

PatchWork - a bit of verse
a bit of haiku; bit of tanka
bit of this and a bit of that
PatchWork is crafted
for the whole family

Odds and ends
putting pieces together
patchwork quilt

Expressions of love
Products of self
Blessings from God
My children

Welcome To PatchWork
A sharing of Poetic Expressions
by Gillena Cox

PatchWork Clip Art by Gillena Cox

Pan Clip Art By Khama Cox


sleepy eyes
but fingers turn the pages
paperback mystery

to my bosom his words I cleave he said he'd never leave


with heads tied

and praise filled hearts

they rang the bells

wielding batons the police

dragged them off the street corners



 The evening breeze rustle the leaves

A whiff of bay leaves a first kiss







 A woman who went to a winter land

Caught a few snowflakes in her hand

Oohs and Aahs

Were her remarks

On that eventful day

Pan Soar

Borne out of sweat and frustration
From humble beginnings
Licky ting licky tang
Sweet titilating sound
Of bottle and spoon
To laurels of orchestral heights

Among the lilputs of society
Labelled with the castaways
Merging and rising
To higher levels
Standing tall between giants

Burgeoning through ocean and sky
Soaring to far away lands
Responsibility riot and disorder
Measuring territorial distance with discord

Crossing the line
Into wine and jam
Gyrating straight through University
To stimulate entertain reward and merit
Pan really reach

I wrote "Pan Soar" in May 2000
This poem is in celebration of the Steel Pan:
the National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago
published in An Hour of Sunrise ISBN 1-58253-539-8
and also appearing at poetry.com